Recently, my husband began urinating in places other than the toilet - the bathtub, the basin, the bathroom counter, the floor. It is becoming more frequent. I don't know if there is anything I can do, apart from just cleaning up afterwards.

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My dad frequently has this problem. For some reason at times he's not sure what the toilet is, or says there are pipes coming out of it, says there's saran wrap over the seat, or that "those people" are working on it, etc. He just stands there looking at it, but the fact that he's in the bathroom or maybe had the water running for a moment, makes him urinate some on the floor before my mom can get him close enough to the toilet to pee! We WISH he would urinate in his walk-in shower, as the neurologist says this is fine. At one time mom had a tall bucket in the shower and he'd use it (sometimes) but he decided that was unsanitary! Right now she's trying out those blue tablets you put in the toilet to 'clean with every flush'. She thinks that maybe if he sees the blue water, it'll make him more apt to get to the toilet fast enough...
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I heard about a man who couldn't find the bathroom, because he was so advanced with AD. They painted the door red, and that solved the problem because the red caught his eye.
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this may be some pretty cracked out advice but could you put a dish on the toilet tank containing a few irresistable snacks? ( reeses miniatures ). if he could associate taking a piss with these treats he might be inclined to go where the treats are when he feels the urge to pee. sometimes ya just have to try things..
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