I have driven him around the neighborhood and of course he can't find out where it is. But all day he keeps asking about it. We have walked around also. He constantly wants to go to the other home.

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I think that whatever works in the moment is good. When my loved one mentioned her home in past, (she no longer does that) I would say it was fine, but needed work and we were fixing those things, like the back door, the gutters, etc. and try to get off on another topic, I would try to distract, but I would not take her anywhere to look for it. I'm not sure if' it's a real place or not. Some speculate that they are actually searching for a place of peace, comfort and security and not a physical address. That's why people who live the same house they have for 50 years may say they want to go home.

I think it tests your patience, but you just have to repeat something comforting or distracting or whatever works. And keep him from leaving the safety of the home he's in. I do think that asking to go home may be phase and it may go away, but there are some people do say for a long time.
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Yes we've experienced the older homes and he has looked at photos but it doesn't seem to stop the fact that he thinks there is another home we sleep at and then someone moves all our stuff back here overnight.
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He is in the way back mode, probably thinking of the first place you ever lived, or possibly the house he grew up in. Show him some old pictures.
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