My husband and I live on Mine and His social security..Our house has been re-financed to the limit and the payment is high for our income.We own a consignment store and break even or less with the store--but It is my ( i'm the wife) sanctuary..Could we get any kind of help..My husband is ok at home as long as He checks in with me and I him.thank you, Shirley

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I just discovered that there are VA benefits for veterans and spouses whether you live in your home or in a facility. The benefit is for medical expenses incurred by either you or your husband.
I always assumed that they went by income only, but that is not true. It is the ratio between your income and what medical or physical assistance services you need. The VA website has a chart that you can look at.
My mom is considering an assissted living center. They will take a look at her expenses vs. her income to determine her benefit. Also, the ALF will hire a private company to file the forms for her.
The gentleman I spoke to claimed that it is better to go through a private company rather than working with the VA directly. He claimed that they get a response much faster. (of course, I have not used them yet so I cannot say if their claims are accurate.)

If you want to work with the VA directly here is their info:

VA phone counselor: 1-800-827-1000.

If you want to try a private company, call your local ALFs or nursing homes and ask who they use.
good luck
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