It says " we granted disability pension with aid and attendance effective feb 2015." Entitlement to special monthly pension based on the need for A&A is established. I applied for my husband non service A&A pension without assistance from VSO because I cannot find one here in the General santos City PHiLippines. But the pension is only $245/month. He is paid paid as single not married. I submitted the original copy of our marriage cert. along with the form 21-686c. I am wondering why he is not paid as married and the amount of pension is too small for his needs. He is already 80 y.o and is there a chance for an increase pension? I keep on sending follow up email on their website but they never give specific answer its just a formatted letter. How can he receive free eyeglasses,walker, and medicines..we've gone to manila where there's a VA office but they cannot get information/records of my husband since they have limited functions and only for service connected. My husband has no assests and we're living on ssa pension $1,517. I dont work now and full time taking care of my sick husband. I am soliciting any advise for my current situation.

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Speaking only to a few issues...

1. The VA has its own method of calculating compensation for disabilities, based on factors it establishes. It's not necessarily what a person "needs" based on the vet's or the vet's wife's interpretation.

2. To get glasses, he needs to go to a VA outpatient or regional VA center for an eye exam. It might be that the Manila office doesn't have that capacity. You could ask them what VA facility does, if there is one in the Philippines that has that capacity.

3. As I recall we paid $8 copay for medicine through the VA, but that was several years. When your husband first registered with the VA for medical care, his primary care physician would have asked what medicines he takes and arranged for the VA pharmacy to send them directly to him, on an established schedule.

4. Find out if there are any branches of the American Legion or VFW in the Philippines; they can help you work through some of these issues. It sounds like a liaison would be of assistance for you and your husband.

It does sound as though the VA in Manilla just has limited functions though. In that case, you might have to go to another country to get the full range of VA services. I would contact the closest American military base in the Philippines and ask if there's anyone there who can help navigate the VA system. One of the services might have a liaison, or even a JAG staffer might be able to help.

I hope you find some local help.
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