ID has expired, can not go to DMV.

If his drivers license is expired by more than a year than he can’t renew it online. If it’s been less than a year, just go to the Mississippi DMV website and renew it. If he’s never been issued a state ID card, he can’t get one online, it has to be done in person.
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Go to your DMVs website and see if they do e-renew for ID cards.

AZ does e-renew for everything on the internet. We only have to go in every 12 years for a new picture.

There are ways around this very common problem.

Call and see if the DMV makes appointments for disabled seniors and the next time you head to the bank swing by the DMV for your appointment.
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First talk to the admin at the NH as I'm sure he is not the first one to have this challenge. If they can't answer your question you will need to call the state to find out what how they provide for people like your husband. I'm sure they have a workaround. Also, have you contacted the DMV to ask if he can order a replacement license? When my son was a new driver he lost his license about a thousand times and got a replacement every time. I think the DMV may also be the same office where you get non-driver IDs...
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If he can not go to the DMV how does he go to the bank?
He should not have an account that you are not on or can not gain access to.
In the state where I am the Secretary of State will sometimes set up remote sites and will go to Nursing Homes or Senior Centers and do ID's for people that can not get to the DMV. You can ask the administration at the facility where your husband is if they have done anything like this or could they arrange it. I am sure there are many residents that could use now ID's
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