Before he retired and we moved away from our entire family almost seems like he has given up. He us to be so active fishing, fishing,hunting.We do not do things together anymore and sleep in separate bedrooms.

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Why? Because his brain is damaged.

Dementia is a very cruel disease, and it affects the lives of entire families, not just the person who has it.

Is he being followed by a dementia expert? Dementia is not curable, but sometimes some of the symptoms can be improved.
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May dad, age 90, has alzheimer's and sleeps almost all day.
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Is he suffering from clinical depression, e.g. mental illness?
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Life, your profile says that your husband has Alzheimer's/Dementia. Anything you see happening that is different for your husband is the disease taking over. Sadly there isn't much you can do to reverse it.... just learn all you can about the different stages so you can be ready.

Go to the blue bar near the top of this page and click on SENIOR LIVING... now click on Alzheimer's Care.... scroll down and you will see quite a few articles related to Alzheimer's/Dementia. Knowledge is your best defense.
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