Husband with moderate stage Alzheimer's still won't shower. Suggestions?


since about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Family and I are caring for him at home with no outside help at this point. Suggestions?

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I'd read a lot about how others have addressed this problem. It's quite common with people who have dementia. I would note that it may be a stage though and could change as his condition progresses. Here are some things that I have read.

Like others suggest above, try a bath aid. They have experience and often the patient is more comfortable with them.

Most people with dementia are not going to bathe no matter how many times you ask. It's just not going to happen. With my loved one, I would run water in the sink, lather the wash clothe and hand it to her, all the while talking calming about our plans for later on. She didn't like it, but she would comply as it treated it as no big deal.

Don't focus on full showers, unless there is some medical need for it. Have you try the bathe wipes that you don't have to rinse?

In my loved one's Memory Care unit, they play music during the showers and it seems to relax the person.
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You can get a bath aide through your husband's Dr. The bath aide comes to the house a couple of times a week and showers/grooms the person. It's a professional service and your husband might be more inclined to agree to a shower that's being offered by a non-family member.

It might be best to not ask you husband if he would like a bath aide as he will probably say no. Just schedule the aide and hope for the best.
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Eek. Would he accept a nice warm bed bath or a wipe down?
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Get help. Even if you can only afford a couple of mornings a week, professional caregivers are trained in working with patients with dementia and they can perform miracles that the family can't.
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