The accident was mainly physical injuries, but over time the cognitive decline has become apparent. I am learning to meet his needs at his level, but I am seeking caregiver support so I can learn more. Where do I start?

I suggest you do all the research you have time for. A friend of mine has had early onset for the last 10 years, told he had 8 years to live. He is doing quite well, recognizes friends, family, and people who he worked with, reads, writes and discusses on art history, his specialty, just as he used to. He had to quit his professorship because he was forgetting what he was lecturing on, but on his own, with his wife's help, he is doing well. He told me he keeps his mind very busy, exercises, and eats a very healthy diet so as to not decline. Good luck to you and your husband.
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So sorry to hear this. I have to say it is great you found this forum, you will get support, knowledge, an audience to vent to that will understand, relief because you are not alone.

Do you have all of the documents you will need, DPOA, MPOA, LIVING WILL, WILL AND/TRUST? as this journey progresses you will need these documents. You should really have a talk with your husband about facility placement, so you know how he feels and can proceed from there. One word of advice, never promise you won't place him, sometimes it cannot be helped and people need that level of care. Caregiving is a tough job and statistics say 40% of caregivers die before the person they are caring for, when it becomes to much this needs to be an option for you and your very survival.

Contact your local council on aging, they know the resources available, even though your husband is young, he will need the resources they have.

May yours be an easy journey. Hugs to you!
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Cherimat Mar 4, 2019
Thank you. Yes, that is the very first thing we did after his diagnosis. I work for a financial advisor and we work with a Trust attorney, so that was my first consideration.

Have not talked about facility placement. I am hopeful it doesn't come to that, but realistically, it probably will at some point. He is at this point mainly "forgetful", but I know this is just the beginning.

Great suggestion to contact council on aging. I will do that. Thanks for your reply.
Here, for one. Google support groups for early onset. Check out youtube videos, Teepa Snow is excellent and an expert on this site as well.
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Cherimat Mar 4, 2019
Thank you!

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