Husband has been ill for 15 years, I'm wondering what next?


Unable to hardly walk even with walker, cannot function on everyday living. Such as putting shoes on eating, wiping himself etc. I am tired not knowing anymore how to handle all of this, no help at all. About 5 years ago he became bedridden for a year and a half had no help. Made too much to get help. Then got him into wheelchair for 2 years by myself. Now he is with walker had strokes and cannot walk hardly. Cannot use his stroke hand and his other hand is getting worse. I am burnt out feel like I wait on him all day and sometimes at night. Wondering what next??

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Dear Marcy
I’m sorry your husband has been ill for so long. I know it’s difficult for both of you.
You might try contacting the Area Agency on Aging in your county. You could ask that they assess your husband for any services he or you might be eligible for. If you haven’t already see a certified elder attorney to help you get Medicaid services if needed and to set up your legal documents for the future. Ask your husbands doctors how his condition will progress and if he is eligible physically for the nursing home. He must qualify medically and physically. Even if you don’t make a decision to place him now, it will help you to know what choices are available to you. Please take action. You will feel better for it.
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Marcy hang in there, someone here will have some good advice.
I will pray for you and hope you have that avenue as well.
God gives us strength when we are weak.
You have been a loving wife and I do hope you can get some help. Do you have the option of homehealth to help? Or a church family that can give you help or a break?
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