He has always had a fixation with illnesses, death medicine etc. It takes us a few hours to take his meds although I have them listed in the whiteboard and he checks them off. He has to read the bottle know what the pill is for..i tell him repeatedly. I can't hide in food..because he frequently will not eat. He has a desire to see doctors daily. He had a medical issue. But after surgery and monitoring..that problem is solved. So now he imagines illnesses and makes appointments on his own. He no longer drives so I usually take him. He has called a sister to take him to his bogus appointments. He gets there doesn't know why he went. He has access to his appointment book and phone. And makes appointments. It is futile for him to go alone because he does not
Recall why he went or what was said. He is a Phd. Cunning and manipulative. Will cry and rant and rave. When denied. Absolutely no reasoning skills....but has seemingly rational conversations with visitors and they think I'm off. Help

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I’m so sorry that you both must endure this daily distress. I would talk to his physician about medication that would ease his anxiety & ocd, something that may come in a patch form. Outside of that you will need to give him devices that have no internet ability. I had to remove my MIL’s phone & phone book because she was inconveniencing & bothering family friends & neighbors. It made me sad to do it but she was calling people at all hours and asking for rides to places she shouldn’t go to. Not to mention it was not safe for her. It’s time to do this with your husband. Divert & distract him as much as possible. Consider hiring a male companion aid to keep him busy.
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