Why would my husband (70) go to the bathroom when he wants, but otherwise sits in his chair and wets himself?


This just started this past year and it is really bad.

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Marie, what are your hubby's medical issues? If he has dementia, it could be when his brain loops to being in the here and now, he is able to recognize the urge to use the bathroom and is able to get there on time.

For my Dad, it wasn't his memory but the lack of being mobile enough to get to the bathroom on time.

Mom would find herself cleaning up the carpet herself every time there was an oops. Dad refused to wear Depend type garments, and Mom being in her late 90's was getting tired of doing the cleanup.

So the next time Dad had an accident, Mom handed him the rags, cleaners, etc. and had him clean it up himself. After a couple times of doing his own cleaning,  I found Mom had added Men's Depends or Depends Guards onto her grocery list :)
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Dear Marie,

I'm so sorry to hear what you are going through. Does your husband use adult Depends products, this might help. Also please check with his doctor, is it the meds? Mental decline? Depression? Physical issue? If his care is increasing maybe consider assisted living or a nursing home. I know its hard. I hope you can find some answers.
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