My husband (90) is getting thorough periodontal care regularly, teeth Xrays, etc. Should he quit?


He has diabetes and dementia. He doesn't like going.

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Mom had very regular dental care in the NH to keep her teeth in shape for eating and to avoid any pain for 4 years. In the last month or two of her life she lost a front tooth but at that point she was no longer chewing anything. Since all agreed that she was near the end and the dementia would have made further work near impossible, we did not replace it. I have found that some nursing homes are better than others with tooth care( brushing and oral hygene) and it is often overlooked. We must be the best advocates for LO in this regard.
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No one enjoys going to the dentist but it is necessary. How often are we talking here? Twice a year should be sufficient.
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No. Tooth hygiene is important, for healthy teeth and chewing, healthy gums, and to avoid bacteria getting from the mouth into other critical areas (why dentists prescribe antibiotics for older people with heart conditions - or so I understand).

Dental appointments aren't the most pleasant medical appointments, but people have to go anyway.

Perhaps you could find something to do afterwards that he really enjoys - a treat for him for going through the dental appointment. Is there someplace special he likes to visit? Maybe a favorite restaurant?

Try to find some way that he can look forward to the treat afterward so he focuses on that.
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