Do I as his wife have more power than his daughter?

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Penny, I think the old observation about comparing apples and oranges applies here.

First of all, whatever authority your step daughter has is spelled out in the POA. And that depends on who drafted it and broad the powers are. So it could be a very narrow authority grant or a very extensive one.

As to your powers, that could also depend on the assets he might hold individually or that you hold jointly. E.g., if your checking, savings, stocks, mutuals or whatever are held jointly with rights of survivorship, on his death ownership would transfer directly to you.

She couldn't sell those assets though b/c your ownership rights would come into play.

A major issue though is whether or not the POA powers are springing or dependent on some specific condition, or whether they were immediately active.

I think though that the gist of your question relates to some other specific issues. Are you concerned that your stepdaughter might take control of his finances that might be titled in his name only, or both your names, or that she might find a placement out of the house for him?

I'm not prying, but I think if you clarify your concerns a bit more, you could get more specific answers.
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