Husband with ESRD, dialysis for past year. Of course I know what will happen if he discontinues dialysis, I've seen this when he went into kidney failure. Isn't dialysis supposed to help the patient?
He has a nephrologist at the clinic, but this doc is not help, thanks.

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As a family assistant, working mostly with elderly / disable people at their home, I hve known I woman who had dialysis 3x week. I know the same day, she was a wreck. Exhausted, tired, sleeping all the time, not wanting to eat... But generally the next day she was better. Of course dialysis is not a miracle, but you should remark an improvement. Is he following a special diet ? I remember that her vegs had to be cooked twice. Many things she was not allowed to eat, etc... If this is not the case, and if you are not satisfied with the doc, I only can advise you : look out for another doctor as soon as possible. If there is no good relationship between the doctor and the patient, you will never feel good, doubt his decisions etc.. So stop seeing this doctor and look out for another one. May be you can ask your general practician to help you in finding a trustworthy specialist. Lots of strength and warm hug
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