My husband with very early Alzheimer's may forget our schedule, I understand that, but he can't seem to obtain correct information.


He went to the bank today to have them evaluate the trade in costs. He had the information in the car and walked into the bank without it and got the wrong info. He may be on the phone asking about an administrative concern and accepts any answer, without thinking about how the answer may or may not answer the question.

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Buddy, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems your husband's days of doing financial transactions are just about over. You will need to be part of every move and if you aren't familiar with things of this nature, you must become a quick study. My friend's mom went to the bank to cash a check and walked out leaving the money AND her wallet at the bank! The purpose for his visit to the bank is WAY too complicated for someone with this diagnosis. Quietly assume such duties immediately.
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It is confusing and frustrating when an intelligent man who can discuss so many topics fluently goes to get the take-out and won't take it because it's not pizza, even though he was the one who changed his mind, and the order was in my name.

I sent him out on two errands today, and he succeeded with both.

I read the full write-up from my husband's neuropsych evaluation, and they described a number of faults in his reasoning process that surprised me, even though I was aware of his dementia.

This situation is due to the illness. Sometimes he will remember, but often he won't. Try to get him into the habit of calling you when he is unsure, or can't find something. I have started to alert people he deals with about his condition, and tell them to call me if there is any question.

He will be worse in unfamiliar settings and when he is tired or sick.

I suspect I'm 6 months or a year ahead of you.
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Unfortunately you will have to take the role of advocate and be his second set of eyes and ears from here on out on the important matters relating to health, legal, property. I suggest you talk with him and then start planning and making sure your name is on everything important so that your signature is required for any property sale, bank accounting, billing, etc. You might also consider getting him a bank card with fixed amount or finite amount so that he can't make crazy purchases or provide credit card info to someone unscrupulous or make unwise purchases where you might not consent.

Make sure you have all your legal documents, medical, AMD, DPOA in order while you are both in good health and mentally competent.

As far as your question, you may have to discretely phone the person back with correct info for more accurate trade in value. You can explain your husbands situation or just say he didn't have all the info in front of him.

You have a long road so I hope you and hubby have support and patience for this journey.
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