My husband dirties his Depends and insists on helping. I can do it easily by myself but he puts his hands in, it creates havoc. Suggestions?


I need something to keep his hands busy so I "can get in and clean and finish". Not only are his hands dirty but I frequently have to wash the floor. Biggest cause of arguments!

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Or, I was going to say, you could half-fill a basin with warm soapy water and ask him to hold it for you? But only if he's going to be able to do that without forgetting it and chucking it all over the floor, of course.
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I'll have to try the gloves and towel. I knew I came to the right place for logical answers.....why didn't I think of it! Thank you.
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Before you get started with the clean up how about slipping his hands into a pair of disposable latex gloves?

As for the floor you can put down a towel but then instead of washing the floor you'll be washing the towel which doesn't solve the problem.

I'm assuming you do the change in the bathroom? What if you did it on the bed? You can lay down a disposable paper sheet called a "chux" or "chucks" which can be bought at a drug store. Your husband lays down on the chux while you help him roll from side to side so you can change his brief. Briefs that have tabs (as opposed to pull-ups) are easier for this kind of changing. Have the wipes nearby for clean-up then roll them up in the dirty brief to be disposed of. Slip on a fresh pair. If the chux didn't get soiled during the change you can re-use it one more time. If it was soiled throw it out with the rest of the stuff.

Your husband isn't likely to get his hands all in it if he's lying down but put a pair of gloves on him just in case.

In hospitals and nursing homes an incontinent patient is usually changed from the bed because it's easier.
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