I thought that being this is part of the illness that was part of the care. They gave me no other option such as paying more for the care. I am very disappointed because he liked it so well there, he even asked to go.

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It's a health and safety issue.

Ask them if he goes into a good incontience product if they will take him back.
There is line called TENA that is really good. It isn't cheap like some on the market but really works. You could put them on him for outings.

A lot of NH routinely put the residents in them when they are at a certain stage as cleaning up and sanitizing both the resident and the environment is just too time consuming. This is part of the reality of dealing with dementia and its cost,.
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My guess is because he has incontinence the Adult Day Care will not allow him there. You should ask the day care center why he is no longer able to attend. I have attached some incontinence articles that might help you prepare for this situation and maybe the day care will take him back?

How-To Handle Awkward Incontinence Incidences

Convincing an Elderly Parent to Wear Adult Diapers

How to Control Incontinence

Good Luck :)
Karie H. Team
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