I am his fulltime caregiver. He played around for some time due to various reasons and now it is extremely difficult and painful for him to get around. He had to postpone his physical therapy due to the numerous obstacles that kept him from making his appointments. He receives Medicaid and my question is will they allow for him to stay at an inpatient physical therapy facility for a few weeks?

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Hadn't you better ask his doctor?

I'm puzzled by all sorts of things in your post. What sort of stroke, in such a young person; what you mean by "played around", and how he was doing that; what "obstacles" took priority over his rehab; and where you, his wife, were while all this was going on.

But never mind. If this is a situation where having been traumatised and depressed after his stroke your husband at first rejected treatment but now realises his mistake, I shouldn't think that's at all unusual in a young patient and I would expect him to be dealt with sympathetically. You may be able to get background information on what Medicaid will cover in your state online; but in any case I should get on the phone to his doctor first thing tomorrow and take it from there.

Don't let this become an "all or nothing" thing, either. Even if you can't get him into a facility, still push for as much support as he is entitled to.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.
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