Help! To do housework or cook meals it’s hard for me who knows maybe I’m getting dementia! My mind is constantly divided with either the tv noise, walking around “the blob” (hubby sitting there watching the tv like a zombie w headphones on) or he will not get up but keeps asking constantly for me to do things for him.
I know he’s physically sick and has dementia but I just want to know if something can be done to occupy him. I feel like a concentration camp resident who is working while the conditions are deplorable and the propaganda constantly emits from the camp loudspeakers. He has glaucoma so wants the house dark when watching tv. I’m done. Are there any other successful activities? COVID has diminished the social activities.

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Its hard to find activities for a person suffering from Dementia. Their short term memory loss makes it hard for them to learn. I was told games and puzzles for Mom but she never did them before so how was she going to do them now.

Can you afford Daycare? I had Mom in 3x a week, everyother day. They picked her up at 8am and dropped her off about 3pm. She had breakfast and lunch there. They even showered her for me. The cost was $80 a day. If finances are low, Medicaid may pay partial or full cost.
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