How do you become a caregiver for your elderly parent?


My parent lives in old Bushyhead and can not find anyone to come to her house and do things she can't do any longer. She fell 1 year ago due to medication issues and she fell again Thanksgiving and actually broke her hip this time. She has no support group close as I live in Florida and her only son has had a stroke and can no longer visit her. I am looking into quitting my job in Florida and moving back to care for her.

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She is 71 she was living with my brother in Texas before he had his stroke and after that she moved back to her house in Oklahoman out in the middle of nowhere. She refuses to go to a home and move to me so I am stuck not knowing what next.She still has her mental health so I don't have anything to make her go any place she doesn't want to be.
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Jenn, whatever you do, do NOT quit work. On average if a working person quits work he/she will lose over the years between $285,000 and $325,000 which includes not only loss of salary over those years... it also includes the net worth loss of the health insurance coverage.... loss of money being put into Social Security/Medicare..... loss of other benefits such as matching 401(k).... profit sharing.... workman's comp insurance.... company sponsored life insurance.... vacation pay, sick pay.... tuition assistance, etc. [source: in part Reuters 5/30/12].
So unless you can really afford to quit work, most of us here will try to discourage you from doing that.

How old is your Mom? What are her medical issues? I bet she has fallen much more then she is letting on.... my parents did that, especially my Mom as x-rays should a whole new story to her falls.

Can your Mom afford to love into Independent Living or Assisted Living? That way she would be around Staff who will keep a watch over her. And she would be around people of her own generation [depending on her age].
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