How do you transfer Medicaid benefits state to state?


Dad is on Medicaid, and currently in a nursing home in CT. I would like to move him closer to me in Charlotte. How do i do this? Need to transfer my Dad to a skilled nursing facility in Charlotte, NC from CT

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As a FYI on this, when hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, my MiLs New Orleans NH moved all residents and some staff to Houston. It was pretty war zone organized chaos. State of TX took all on LA Medicaid onto TX Medicaid no questions asked. This was tied into FEMA in some way as we all were able to get our prescriptions renewed for free for a few weeks under the same FEMA program. Then about 6 -9 mos later MIL got a detailed questionnaire & visit by TX Medicaid caseworker on her assets & income. She was churchmouse poor so was fine but did get a TX -DOT id issued. Her old bank which got SS direct deposit was also in Houston too so changing her address to show TX address was easily done. MIL clearly showed TX residency.

BUT for those with a home or a car back in LA, they were now ineligible for TX medicaid. Now although those are allowed exempt assets for Medicaid, it only works if you are a legal resident of the state where the house is or car is registered in. House cant be your homestead if you move to a new state. The value of the house & car, took them over the 2K medicaid asset limit. Those ladies basically had to move back into a NH somewhere in LA (Monroe or Shreveport mainly) or family would need to private pay for TX NH till house sold and mom did a spend down & establish TX residency.

Sue - so if what happened with my mil is what NC does if CT dad has any property or auto in CT, expect a problem. Also if dad has a preneed funeral / burial in CT, see how& if it can be used. Some are not at all transferral to another state. If so, look to get it cashed out if at all possible OR start setting aside your $ to pay for transporting his body back. It will not be inexpensive.
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Medicaid - although a federal & state entitlement - is administered uniquely by each state. So each state can determine where $ goes to and what income levels are.

Dad will need to qualify for whatever state of NC requires for NH medicaid. The new NC NH is going to be central in all this. I'd suggest you clearly speak with admissions at the new NH as to how easy or difficult this will be BEFORE you move dad. You may find there will need to be private pay done till his residency is established.
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I haven't had to do this, but I might check with two places. I might consult with the facility that you are planning to use in Charlotte, NC. Their admissions office should have information on where to start. AND I believe that in NC, Medicaid applications are taken by the local county's Dept of Social Services. They normally take the application and apply the person for anything they might qualify for. I don't know about residency requirements though or if they exists. Maybe some others around here will chime in who have done this kind of thing.
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