She has moderate dementia. My mom has significant cognitive decline and can't live by herself anymore, She used to go to Adult Day Services 5 days a week, but it is not enough. I am her primary caregiver and I am also getting a total knee replacement in one week. My mom that she was going home with me, so I had to leave without telling her. I told the nurse to look out after so that she finds her room. I am afraid when I visit her again, that she wants to go home with me. Should I give her a day or two to see her? I felt terrible leaving her without telling her, but she doesn't understand that the nursing home is her new home. She also has a roommate, and her roommate has over half the room. My mom's side is very small and only has room for her bed a nightstand. Her roommate has a recliner on her side, and there isn't room on my mom's side for a chair. What can I do about getting her a bigger room?

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Your Mom will need some time to adjust. I've heard that many nhs suggest no visits for a week or so. As suggested, stay in contact with the social worker about the room. The staff should have had the room prepared for a roommate before your Mom arrived. Take care of yourself! Good luck.
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Your job now is to advocate for your mom. You need to talk to the social worker about getting the roommate's stuff moved back to her half of the room. When someone is alone in a double room, they tend to spread out, but that doesn't mean that your mom isn't entitled to her half of the room.
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