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You could also call your doctor and they can send a visiting nurse to your home. If skin was not broken I would use creamy desitin. I also used the protective jelly ointment from a visiting nurse. My mom had some red marks but we were extremely fortunate that she never had any bedsires. It is not unusual to get bedsires so do think you did something wrong. My mom would get red on her tailbone. I had a chair pillow that was used to put in chair where the back meets the bottom. It had 4 sections. I would put one section behind mom and the rest under the outside of moms thigh. You can you thin pillows, just enough to slightly lift so she is not sitting or laying in exactly the same spot. Call your doctor and ask to have a nurse sent out. Garden is right, you have to stay on top of it and you seem to be doing exactly right. Good luck
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Is your mother getting home care? If so, show the nurse and ask her advice.

If not, take your mother to a dermatologist for treatment. Pressure ulcers are nothing to mess with. You're wise to try to treat it now.

In the meantime, how did this happen and what can you change? Is she bedbound or spending significant time in bed? If so, does she have a hospital bed with alternating pressure pad mattress?

You don't mention where the sore is beginning. Evaluate every surface that that bodily area comes in contact with and think what you can do to change it so this doesn't happen again.

If you Google "bed sore prevention", you'll see that there are various other small mattress pads, a heel boot and other things that can help relieve pressure on bodily parts that are resting on surfaces for long periods of time.

But you're being proactive by keeping a keen eye and addressing this right now before it has a chance to become any worse.
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