My husband 65, has Dementia, he doesn't take any medication now, because his doctor said - namenda works just for 18 months. My husband talks about some people, some work has to be done, he wants to help someone and more.
His speech is very bad, he worries about everything, He has a trouble to understand simple things, like - sit down or open your mouth ...
What can i do to help? Any medication?

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Nadin, Name da might slow down the progression of dementia, but for most of us with loved ones with this awful disease, it's the SYMPTOMS that need treating, ie, the delusions, hallucinations, anxiety and aggression.

Is the doctor who is treating your husband a dementia specialist? If he's not, I would advise you that either switching to a geriatrics doctor who understands dementia, or adding a geriatric psychiatrist would be the way to address these disturbing symptoms.
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If the delusions and hallucinations create anxiety and undue worry, I would discuss something to help reduce it. That is quite common in dementia patients. My cousin used to cry most of the time, she would bite her nails and say she was scared, sorry for some unknown thing and could not be comforted. She went on Cymbalta and it worked so well. She is now content and happy most of the time. It was unreal how it helped her. She is also still alert. I think it works for anxiety, depression and pain. If you aren't comfortable with how his doctor reacts, I might get him to another doctor or a geriatric psychiatrist.

Perhaps others here can help you with information on Namenda. I don't have any information on that.
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