I am guardian in IN for an individual using a Miller Trust to maintain Medicaid eligibility. His trust paid a medical related bill earlier this year that was credited to the wrong account, while the vendor was sorting it out I paid the correct amount from the trust to maintain the service.

They have sent a refund in the form of a check, but I’m not sure how to put it back into the Miller Trust since it would not be direct deposit but a refund for a payment made from the trust which I assume does need to be returned to avoid issues.

How would I return the overpayment check to the Trust?

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Will the refund take him over the Medicaid monthly income limit?

check is written in his name, right?

what does the check read for # of days it’s good for.... like 30 days or 120 days?

& is it a significant amount of $..... like $980.00 rather than $98.00?

I’m assuming since your a guardian, when is your next guardianship report filing due?
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Chad951370 Oct 27, 2018
It probably would put him over if it counted as income again, it’s for $700ish. It does say void after 90d on it and is for some reason payable to me. Next filing is in mid 2019.

I’m under the assumption that if it doesn’t go back in to the trust it will be counted as a non-eligible withdrawal.
Not sure about paying it back but a suggestion, do not pay anything that is in dispute. Once you question a billing they have 30 days to reconcile it and cannot do anything concerning your acct until they research ur claim. If you paid previously, you can obtain a copy of the canceled check. This is your proof of payment. Gives them the day of deposit. They cannot stop services if you have proof you paid. With the day of deposit, they can pull posting records for that day and find their error.
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