I am disable and receive SSI and Medicaid do I qualify for Medicare?

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I also is 59 years old and have very little working credits.

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Here is an article that can give you the ins and outs on qualifying for Medicare.

Who is Eligible for Medicare?

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I think MediCARE is available only when you reach retirement age - which is 62 for early retirement and 65 for traditional retirement. So it is good you have qualified for MedicAID. The Medicare paperwork isn't automatic you have to apply and do so within the year before your 62 or 65 birthday.

Realize that MediCARE premium will be taken out of your SS once you qualify for MediCare. RIght now it's about $ 97.00 a month that's taken out - this is what is done for with my mom's SS.I think the amount is standard.

If you are looking for financial assistance, you might be able to qualify for a TANF or TANF-like program in your state. This is Temporary Assistance to Needy Families. Some states do this and qualifying is simple if you already are on a needs based program like Medicaid. It's usually done on a state issued debit card.

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