Like before she's works for an agency but already told the agency they said she's just like family to the caregiver but one neighbor claims she's lazy, and everyone on the patient's block knows she suppose to dress professional with scrubs, has a second person working with her, only one should be working and brings family and others over ( no relation to the patient) is there anything the neighbor's could do.
The Caregiver also comes in whenever she wants and leaves whenever she wants to and the agency has her leave the patient in wet diapers all night until the caregiver gets in the next morning.

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I'm curious how the neighbors know all this, especially, what's the basis for the one neighbor's claim that the woman is lazy? And how is it known that the people she brings are family and "others" and are no relation to the patient? In addition, who's querying "everyone on the block" to get this information?

I'm wondering what these neighbors are doing that they have time to observe what the caregiver is wearing. One of our therapists never wore scrubs, nor did some of the nurses.

Who hired the caregiver? Have these issues been discussed with him/her and/or the family? What's the physical and mental status of the person being cared for?

Has anyone contacted the family of the elder?

If there are legitimate complaints, the neighbors can call APS. However, the complaints really need to be legitimate and verifiable. Being "lazy" can mean different things to different people. How is the caregiver putting the cared for person in jeopardy? What is the evidence of elder abuse or danger?

It's not clear from your first sentence if a complaint has already been made to the agency or not.

And it could be that the caregiver is training someone, or comes with a nurse.

Sounds to me as if someone either with inside knowledge is attempting to put the responsibility for reporting onto the neighbors, or doesn't want anyone to know that he/she is behind the complaints.

And what role do you play?

What about the patient's family - are they satisfied with the care?
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