Due to financial circumstances beyond my control we must move from her residence of the past 26 years. I am her eldest daughter and 24/7 sole caregiver. How do I prepare her for a move? I am aware that changes of environment are contraindicated for persons with dementia. I have about 3 months to accomplish the move.

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You'll need the MD to prescribe calming meds. Genevieve is on the right track, keep the new room set up exactly the same as the old one. Pictures in the same order. Getting out of the bed on the same side as before. Same curtains, linens, lamps and chair. Same color walls. What we did with mom was-- she went to lunch at the AL. As soon as she left, the movers came in, loaded the bed, table, chair, lamp and set it up at the AL by the time she finished eating. All the same, even her sheets and towels. She liked that.
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My best advice would be to be prepared for a time of adjustment and, as you have no doubt been doing all along, stay in the moment with her reactions and concerns. I have read much about trying to set up certain parts of the new residence in a similar way as the one where established routines and habits have created a certain lifeline for all who are present in that environment. One thing I did was to set up the kitchen table in the exact same way, with her sitting on the same side with the TV sitting there in pretty much the same spot. Also, I had a commode right next to the bed, which was a lifesaver for me at night since it allowed me to get some much-needed sleep. The first night, it was still tough, because even though the commode was right beside her, she forgot, so I had to wake up to remind her. But after the first night the habit was established and that eliminated a huge headache at night.
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