How to persuade a widow to move to a CCRC?

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We have a place near me like this. You rent a cottage or apartment. Even though you by in with a chunk of money, you also pay for your apt. Which ran a friend $1400 a month. Yes, it is suppose to guarntee you care including LTC but when this friend was put in LTC they tried to bill the family. Family said 90k of that big chuck (150 to 200k) was to be used for LTC. There was a little arguing but family won. You better be sure what is being signed.

What is the health of the widow. If her mind and body still good why do u want her to leave her home?
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Would she rather go to a regular Independent or Assisted Living facility that simply has month to month rent? That's what my mom did.
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The CCRC that I am trying to get my mother to consider allows you to rent an apartment for up to three months to try it out before you commit to it. (She won't do it- not even for three months.)

The big stumbling block for her is the cost of the buy in. She hears the (big) number and completely doesn't hear any information that follows it-even though it is less than what she already has tied up in the equity in her current residence. She feels like the residence is an investment and the buy in is a "waste of money".

All you can do is make her aware of the option. She has to make her own decisions.
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Continuing care retirement communities ?

are you related to the widow? What are her 'needs' that she needs to be moved?
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