Hello. I am trying to see if anyone in Michigan or anywhere can tell me how to get the ball rolling in getting emergency guardianship of my mom who is currently in the hospital. Her Dr. already gave me the letter to use to get started, but I don't know how to exactly get it done especially now with covid and the courts being shut down.

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Is there a reason Mom cannot make her wishes known? If she is competent you could have her assign you POA for financial and Medical. Guardianship is usually obtained because person is not able to make informed decisions.

As said, the Social Worker should be able to help.
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Contact the Hospital Social Worker. That would be the fastest way. They can often get emergency Guardianships expedited.
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EASIEST way? To get a Social Worker involved. Try hard to do this. They can accomplish a TEMPORARY guardianship with a phone call to a Judge in many counties.
Have you read your paperwork? It is good the Doctor is involved. Call back and ask for further instruction; tell them it is more than you can negotiate.
See an Elder Law Attorney with your paperwork.
Generally the emergency guardianship is a temporary guardianship that needs further followup.
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It varies by state, but most courts have available hours to take care of business. It’s normally posted on their website, Many attorneys are available by phone or online consults now. I’d get a legal consult with an Elder Law attorney to explore the options. There may be forms available on the local or state website that you can fill out and then file, but an attorney would be able to handle that for you. It’s not always straightforward to a lay person.
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