My m-i-l who is in 90's, alluded that her only other adult child told m-i-l that her lawyer had died & m-i-l had to make a new will. Do not trust that this occurred, but if it was done, was this a ploy to change will or get m-i-l to sign off on a POA for this adult child. My m-i-l did mention a new lawyer's name. He stopped by this lawyer's office. All this lawyer said was if that was the case, my husband would need to get permission from my husband's mother to get a copy from the adult child. This sibling is greedy, does not want to share any information with my husband. This has been a long standing problem. His mother says why cause trouble and does not want to get involved. (I think mother may be afraid of the adult child). Oh yes, this adult child now has mother's check book--she writes checks for m-i-l and also has had several large checks in hundreds and thousand dollar plus amounts made out to the child. We have a joint account and can see these checks online. My husband does not care about getting any proceeds from his mother's estate. He only wants to determine that he, myself or our kids are not left holding the bag for any financial responsibility. He may be thinking of just cutting himself off from both of them after shabby and dishonest treatment. Should we get a lawyer for advice? Sad situation for my husband. Thanks in advance. Again, my good husband is not computer literate, so that's why I'm asking about this situation. FUTURE concern: We live in PA. If the other child is getting all this money, would they not be liable for support and paying for nursing home care in the future (if the Medicaid lookback sees that all this money was dispersed to them)?

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I'm not sure what you're asking. You have no right to a copy of anyone else's will but your own.

If your husband's name, or your name, is on the account that's writing inappropriate checks on his mom's account, I personally would write a letter to the bank closing it immediately. Like tomorrow. I would want ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the complications that might result from my name being on an account basically being used to drain MILs assets.

Copy the other signatories to let them know what you're doing. Someone will no doubt empty the account if you give them any notice.

Other than being on that account you've mentioned, I doubt you would be liable for anything. But you might make a call to your attorney to put hubby's mind at ease. (I'm not an atty.)
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