Mom likes to try to get out of bed and she’s an extreme fall risk. I can hardly leave her to fix a meal, go to the bathroom, talk on the phone, etc.

I have cameras set up in every room but I can’t communicate with her and she can’t communicate with me. I receive notice on my cameras when there is movement and often that’s too late.

Is there a baby monitor or some other device that is visual as well as 2-way communication?

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Yes, try Googling.
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These days, most baby monitors are cameras that allow you to communicate at the same time. I had one 7 years ago when I had my son. It had a portable monitor with a screen and 2 cameras. You can also get cameras that have mics so you can communicate-we use Arlo cameras and we can communicate through them.
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There is, I think, some sort of bed alarm available with a fall risk patient. I think others will chime in. Hang tight, OP.
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RBuser Feb 11, 2019
Thank you for responding.

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