How do you manage the taxes, bill paying and record keeping for someone that is not able to do that for themselves? We have a POA, but we do not feel that my wife could mange our financials and a parent by herself, should I die. How does someone out there handle this type of problem. We have found that H&R Block only does taxes on what you give them and if you are not able to give them everything, they may not ask you for it and it creates a problem with the IRS. We are looking for a solution to this that will avoid problems even if we all die and the estate goes to the children, who may not know everything they need to, also, about how to handle taxes, income, etc.

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One thing to help is to put together a plan "what to do if I die" . In it, a record of all accounts, insurance policies, password and location of previous income tax filings. This is just a start, --- contact info for previous employers that maintain benefits, social security number etc. Any tax preparer with copies of previous filings should know to ask for statements that used to be part of the filings.
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if you have an estate. you may want to see an elder law attorney? The attorney can help guide you to make decisions.

have you picked a POA for yourself and wife. OR are you talking about having POA for another person besides you and your wife.??

I have been taking care of taxes and financial, bills etc for the last 7 years for my mom and dad. and yes its a lot sometimes. I get help from a financial advisor from one bank. whom I do trust. and also have taxes done at a Tax Service. Its not a CPA, but lists this: EA is an experienced Enrolled Agent  and CRTP is a California registered tax preparer. Ask around to friends or family members where they have taxes done.
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Find a good CPA to handle financial. Preferably one who handles personal finances and also elders.
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