I require a joint bank account for depositing insurance/state of NJ checks in the bank and with homeowners/flood insurance claim checks or I can't use the check. As community spouse, I still live in the home and need to make claims and do repairs. HOW can I make a joint account when husband is on Long Term Care Medicaid while the QIT and Medicaid rules forbid me to do so? I can't remove his name from the insurance policies because we still hold a mortgage together jointly. Can I make a joint account with the word "or" in it and keep the balance low ($20 or less) to keep account open? Will this keep his Medicaid assistance also? I NEED a joint account. I have not gotten an answer from Bergen County Social Services in NJ. HELP!

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Try Office of Aging to see if they can answer the question. Maybe they can call Medicaid and get you an answer. You know agency to agency. Like I responded to 2cents. NJ offices are closed, down here in the South anyway. Everything done by phone.
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Call Begen county back and tell them you need an answer with written clearance from their Medicaid program. This is not a common thing, so your worker at the county may be having problems finding the answer in their policy book. When that happens, they have policy experts who tell the workers how to enter/apply the bank account to husband's case. You really need a copy of that in case a new worker touches the cases and tries to apply different rules. If your local county office does not respond, call the State Office Headquarters or Ombudsman's office in your area and tell them you need an answer quickly so you can handle home repairs without further delay. One of those offices - especially Ombudsmans will get you the answer.
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JoAnn29 Jun 25, 2021
Problem is she is working with NJ that has not reopened their offices. Everything is done by phone. She lives in North Jersey near the NY, NJ border. More populated than I am.
Please invest in a consult with an attorney who is knowledgeable about Medicaid for the wisest advice that is specific to the state where you reside.
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