My friend is trying to oversee her sister-in-law who is highly unresponsible, living in a hoarding situation, abusive with language and physical gestures. She has been turned down by group senior care and rides her scooter to buy hamburgers every day at the bar nearby. Any food donated to her has been dumped out on the lawn in her yard. My friend is paying all her utilities and property taxes, takes her to the doctor, etc. She has no other family. She possibly has some dementia, is writing checks and changing her accounts around at the bank, ordering things she does not need, etc.

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As said SIL has to assign POA. From what you describe, there maybe some mental problems. Guardianship is very expensive and it has to be proven that SIL is incompetent.

Friend may have to wait till SIL crashes. Or call APS to investigate. And let the State take over her care.
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janica, one as to voluntarily assign someone as their PoA. Your friend will have to either pursue guardianship through the courts and therefore prove her SIL is mentally incapacitated, or she will need to report her to APS and they will eventually gain guardianship of her. Sorry, no other options.
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You don’t get POA “over” someone. You get POA For someone. Your friends sister has to voluntarily assign her as POA and she has to be mentally competent as well. POA doesn’t give you control over someone, it allows you to make decisions on their behalf and as long as the person is comment, you can’t override their wishes. They still have full control of themselves and their finances. Your friend needs to have a frank discussion with her sister.
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janica Apr 2020
I stand corrected
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