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In the new health care bill, there are funds to directly help family caregivers of vets who have been wounded in action. Do not know eligibility however (just Iraq/Afghanistan? WWII vets??). "Direct stipends" to family caregivers. Music to my ears. Now to just get that expanded to non-vet family caregivers. this was passed 419 to 0.
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Just like long term care insurance. Mom's is going to start paying for home care, but cannot pay a family member for the work. I quit my job to care for her, 2 years ago. We applied for LTC benefits in January and are still trying to get reimbursed for the CNA that comes in to help me. The insurance company keeps coming up with excuses to hold back paying. I finally threatened to pull Mom's sizable IRA from them to help pay for her care. Wouldn't you know they called me back in 20 minutes!
I held off paying the premium once the claim was filed, but finally had to pay because they were dragging their feet. We've been waiting for the money since January, but when I didn't send the premium in , I got 3 bills from the company in 2 days!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will soon be settled and we will be reimbursed for close to $3000 that I have paid out since the first of the year.
Believe me, if there is any money out there, chance are it won't be to pay a family member that is providing the care. By the way, the LTC policy cost Mom over $2000 a year for the past 8 years!
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I don't think it is what you think, like just getting paid from govt because you are helping your parent. That's what we;d all like, some grant just to the caregivers.

Google "$75 a day for caring for Parent"

What I found is that this refers to a new insurance program which is part of the new Health Care overhaul. It's to ensure that YOU, YOURSELF will have $$ to pay someone. You would be eligible to receive $75 a day to help with home helpers for cooking, bathing, etc. You would pay into the insurance fund, and after a number of years doing so, you could start to collect the $75 day. Sort of like Long Term Care insurance, but these funds help you to stay longer in your own home.

For a moment there, I thought the heavens had opened up and spilled out a few blessings.. But no, fell through the cracks once again.

How come farmers get paid NOT to plant certain crops, but I can't get paid for actually DOING some good?

Can others please chime in on this? Perhaps I didn't search long enough and there actually IS a program where we can start to have a survival grant of some sort. Maybe I should move to Mass with Mom. They DO pay home caregivers. (Actually, that's impossible...but one can dream...)
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