Woke up with a migraine. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it?

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Tried all my headache tricks..relieving pressure points, peppermint oil, caffeine, cold compress and over the counter pain relief.

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Migraines, as you know, aren't a "headache." They are a full body experience for most people though each event can be different. Everything you've mentioned can be helpful for relieving symptoms, but once they set in they often have to run their course.

If you haven't seen a doctor lately, it's likely time for a recheck. While migraines used to be considered vascular, my latest reading has concluded they are neurological, so choose a doctor who is up to date.

Botox was mentioned in this thread. Not all insurance covers this treatment. I've heard both positive and negative responses from people who've finally gotten the approval to try it. We'll be writing an article on migraines sometime next month so maybe there will be new ideas there, but medical help is advised. My heart goes out to you.
Call the doctor or the nurse's line. Especially if you don't have a history of them.
Excedrin for Migraine always worked for me. Then go lay down in a cool, dark, quiet room. Drink lots of water. Avoid caffeine because it's already in the Excedrin.
Have you tried pinching hard on the muscle where the index finger joins the thumb? And if you are sure it is a migraine there are prescription drugs that can help such as sumatriptan.
I have had migraines for almost 40 years. I have been on beta blockers since 19. Had migraines that I would literately bang my head against the wall the pain was so bad. Blinding, hearing hypersensitive, throwing up, lasted for days. sometime 2 to 3 a week. Not until years past did they subside. A scent could trigger them, food etc... Sometimes I would lose a day.
I found when I went on weight watchers I had almost none. I reduced the fat, carbs, reduced salt, sugars etc.... When I did get migraines I would binge eat (helped for some reason) then throw it up. Clearing to stomach helps too (Vicious cycle). Generally when a migraine came on and hit hard I would throw up and feel better, then deal with the after effects (hit by a truck). I could always feel one coming on (aura, tunnel vision, hypertensive sight or hearing).
Excedrin Migraine meds just made it worse and increased my BP. I am now in imetrix oral (works great) if and when I get them. (My daughters and niece get them too as well has my grandfather used to get them).
As far as how to get rid of them (Cool, dark place). silent or soothing music. Get your mind quiet. Find a position you feel comfortable in and relax your body.
Now I am at the point maybe 1 every other month. Started a weight loss, healthy eating and excerpt plan for the new year (feeling great).
If you never had a migraine you cannot understand them. I feel your pain. Everyone is different. This has worked for me.
Find soothing ways to relax.
Get a good check up, try a different diet. Find your triggers (mine were smells, perfumes #1, exhaust smells, fried foods, red wine, nuts.)
Allergies can cause migraines. Additives like MSG can as well. If that is the case, you might try avoiding certain foods that trigger the migraines.
This won't help immediately for the current migraine, but look into the possibility that you are gluten insensitive. My doc recommended the book Wheat Belly which mentions that migraines can be one of the symptoms of this food intolerance.
Search for "the tapping method" or "emotional freedom technique (EFT)" on youtube. The last time I had a bad migraine, I contacted my neighbor - who practices alternative healing methods - and who does EFT. On the phone he was able to help me reduce the pain from a 9 to about a 5.5 - meaning I could function. I saw him later that afternoon for a one hour session. He helped me remove the migraine completely. I saw him once more after that several months later for a subsequent migraine. He helped me ID the triggers - "disconnect" them, and I didn't have another migraine for 3 whole years!!!!!!

BUT - when you have the time, try taking ginkgo biloba on a daily basis. I found this readng an article many years ago in a women's magazine - as long as I took ginko daily I never had a migraine. It improves blood flow to the brain; some folks think it also helps with memory.

Best of luck!
I used to have them, before menopause. What would get rid of them for me was taking the deepest hottest bath soak I could stand...just stay in there a long time with eyes closed. When you get out, you will be sweaty and perhaps weak, but a good lie down all wrapped up and cozy warm will get rid of most of the remaining headache pain, I found. Good luck!
You should get 2 RX migraine meds: #1 an abortive called Sumatriptan and #2 a prophylactic called Propranalol.

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