2nd marriage for both & all children are in agreement. She is 68, severely physically disabled & about 250-300 lbs. He is 78 & about 140 lbs, frail & does all care. She REFUSES in-home help when it has been set up. He has lost his license due to accidents but still drives. Both mentally ok but she is emotional & verbally abusive to him & others. One adult child lives nearby & helps bathe, etc once a week but may need to move out of state. They need to be in assisted living but refuse. Home is owned by wife on reverse mortgage. How can adult kids make her to sell & have them go to assisted living? He can't continue her care every 2 hrs, 24/7/365 & can't stand up to her. 911 has been called multiple times to get her up when she has fallen & threatened to take her away. We are all meeting soon to try to figure out how to do an intervention & get them into a better situation before this gets more dangerous for both of them. Any advise?

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