How can I get paid to take care of my sick mum?


I haven't worked for 7 years.

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Camilies, the reason I asked how do you know that everyone can be paid is because when it comes to Federal/State involvement, each State has their own rules, regulations and programs. Programs that were available last month may not be available this month due to budget cuts, or some programs might be expanded. These programs are funded through us taxpayers.

Yes, some State offer payment to Caregivers, but if one is caregiving full-time, 3 shifts, 168 hours a week they were finding they were only able to get a few hours a day of pay, minimum wage, before taxes. And finding the Medicare was limited on what they provided such as physical therapy, speech therapy, visiting nurses. And the Medicaid offered much more but no around the clock care, unless one was moved to a continuing care facility.

Some of free services you mentioned probably are from Medicaid, but one's loved one would need to qualify for Medicaid, but not everyone can because they have too much money. One program, Meals-on-Wheels, is great because food is delivered no matter what is your income.

On Aging Care website, there is which is a great start for looking for help in one's own County for available programs.

One thing we learned this year on the forums here is that if someone hires a caregiver who is not associated and paid through a professional Agency, that the homeowner needs to add a "workman's comp" rider onto his/her homeowner's insurance.
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I forgot to add that some of the information I received were from complete strangers. Sad but true. The rest of the information was researched on my own... with a mission to help others like yourself.
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Unfortunately,there IS no direct link. That's why people like yourself don't know some of these services and programs exist.

I was a caregiver for over a decade, and took care of TWO parents in hospital beds.

Unfortunately, I didn't know most of these services and programs even existed. Agencies call things different names in different states, making it almost impossible for people/caregivers to even find them.

I could have gotten paid, and didn't know it. Also over paid over $6,000 in funeral costs, paid over $13,000 for diapers and other things, when I could have gotten them for FREE... not even counting prescriptions, office visits, and so much more.

I obtained several resources after about 7 years of caregiving, including discounts on license plates (50% off the cost), and all of these resources were NOT from agencies, doctors, visiting nurses, social workers, motor vehicles division in my state or the Agency Area on Aging.

I knew other caregivers like myself were having identical problem finding things and needed help. I just finished writing a book with all the information in it that you will need to find FREE (or nearly FREE) products, services and programs that are often difficult to find that people qualify for. The list is endless.

The book eliminates all looking and searching.... and will save THOUSANDS of dollars every single year on things you are already paying for.... not even counting money you will obtain taking care of your loved one.

Everything is located in one convenient place, with websites, where to LOOK on websites (rather than spend countless hours searching), what to ask for, contact information, and more.... no matter where you live in the US.

I have researched this information... spending thousands of hours looking... for folks like yourself.... making the information quick and easy to access, without further throwing money away, or wasting hundreds of hours searching. Its all been done for you.

Does that help? All new laws are also listed... and more. Thanks for asking. Camille
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Camilies, curious where you obtain the information that family members and friends can get paid to be Caregivers in most States? Would appreciate a link to that info.
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yes you can get paid. So can another family member or friend in most states. YOU can also apply for Medicaid to care for your own expenses... like medical, prescriptions, food, labwork, and more.

Also there are many ways you can obtain FREE food, besides food stamps..
Hope this helps...
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In Georgia, you contact her Medicaid caseworker. If she is not Medicaid, she would have to pay you herself.
or look up "Georgia HCBS Transition Plan".
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