I am living with one now and he was okay doing everything on his own until lately, now he needs help with everything. He isn't on Medicaid. It's getting harder for me to maintain my job and take care of him. I'm losing money from missing work, but there's no one willing to take care of him.

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Nice answer. I didn't consider all that. thank you
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Hoochie, it may be time for him to look at an assisted living or a nursing home. If you were to leave your job, you would be giving up your own security, both present and future. If you were wealthy, it would be one thing. But since you need money to live, it is another. We have to take care of ourselves while taking care of someone else. Otherwise we hurt ourselves too much.

Would he be able to pay you like an employee, including money for your social security? Does he have insurance that would pay you? If not, it may be better to keep your job and look for other options for your friend. It may be that a daycare program would be enough. If not, you may want to look at facilities to provide the care needed. Good luck!
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