I do work and I am also a caregiver outside my home but I cannot keep both up. She is on oxygen 24/7 and cannot do much for herself. I am a C N A outside my home I cannot be up all night and still go out and work I feel I am not only gonna hurt myself but if I am very tired I feel that I could put my other resident in danger as well..but I also take care of my son as well so it's like I am working 3 full time job's please help

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Bringsmile, majority of caregivers do not get paid for caring for a relative, unless the relative can pay that person. If your sister can do that, make sure you put together an employment contract stating the number of hours each week, the wage per hour, and who will be paying the payroll taxes. Is your sister getting disability, or social security? How is she paying for her place to live?

How old is your son? Is he old enough to stay home by himself or is there someone who stays with him until you get home. Can he come with you when you go to your sisters to help? Is he old enough to help you?

Please note that 40% of caregivers pass away while caring for a love one. Those are terrible odds. Then what? Who will take care of your son? Who will take care of your sister? You need to take a long hard look at the facts and decide what is best for your son and for you.
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Well, poster, you posted on my message board that you disagree with my answer and are now sorry you asked for support. You may be even sorrier. What makes you think that you, ONE PERSON, in an ill-equipped home are a better answer for your loved one than a nursing home? With smiling faces all programs...doctors that make transporting a loved one miles away unnecessary...three squares a day...YOUR SMILING FACE a few times a week...etc etc?

And your child. What would your child's life be like? You tired...burnout around the time for school plays, vacations?? No money?

Wake up.
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You can't do three fulltime jobs even if you were getting paid for each of them! Were you thinking of giving up the CNA job outside of your house, and instead getting paid for caring for your sister? That might work.

Is your sister on Medicaid? If so discuss the situation with her case worker. If a needs assessment confirms that she needs in-home care they will determine how many hours they will pay for. In many states you could be the one being paid -- typically through the agency the county contracts with. But, even if this works out, the hours might not be as much as your CNA job, and the pay may or may not be the same rate. This would have to be explored before you make a decision.

If Sis is not currently on a program like Medicaid which would cover in-home aid, getting her on such a program would have to come first. Call her county Human Services department and ask for needs assessment to help determine what she needs and what she is eligible for. I understand that some counties have a long backlog of such calls, but the sooner you get on the list, the sooner her turn will come up.

Best of luck to you!
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Time to look for a nursing home for your sister. Your son doesn't deserve to be raised in that atmosphere. He deserves a CHILDHOOD.
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