How to get a nursing facility healthcare professional to my Mom at her ALS to evaluate her?


We've been told by the State agency she needs to move from ALS to a nursing facility. Will the nursing facility automatically send a qualified healthcare professional in to evaluate Mom? She hasn't been able to get out to see a doctor in over a year as she is bed and wheelchair-bound

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ForMomand Dad, every assisted living I know of has visiting MD's or NP's. Surely she has seen one at the facility? Yes?
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Georgia regulations:
(5) Community Retention Decisions. The assisted living
community must require a resident to move out when any one of
the following occurs:
(a) The resident requires continuous medical or nursing care.
(b) The resident’s specific care needs cannot be met by
available staff in the community, e.g., the resident is not
(c) The community is not able to evacuate all of the current
residents to a point of safety within established fire safety
So it is not up to the facility or their MD. It's state health law.
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In our area once you let a home know you are interested in the move.. for real, they send someone to assesse the need of care level. They did this with my dad, and they are now doing it for my MIL ( at her rehab facility)
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Is there a social worker at the AL who can facilitate this assessment? Have you gone to look at any nursing homes and narrowed your choice to a few?

I would call one of the homes in the area and ask that they come and assess her at her residence.
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Could the nurse at the facility where your Mom lives do the evaluation? By chance is your Mom on Medicaid now? Then I could see why Medicaid would want to move her to a nursing facility.

I know I was surprised when my Dad's senior living facility said it was time for him to move over to Memory Care.... I didn't think he was ready, but the Staff was so right.
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