She says she does not sweat or work outside. She changes underwear, but will wear her clothes and pjs for months.

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Well now a few days is one thing. Months is something else.
Time for you to try something different. You did mention pjs so does she change into pjs at night? Might be a chance for you to scoop up the pjs with her bed linens and wash “ by accident”?
Does she allow her bed linens to be washed?
Does she bathe?
Would she be ready to throw out all her other clothes as in she has decided she will never change? Would she be interested in trying on a new outfit? Has she been given new pjs and she won’t consider those?
What would happen if you “accidently” got her dirty? Leaky glass of milk or sugary drink?how about you go into her room when she is asleep and simply leave fresh clothes out and remove the dirty ones? You can always beg forgiveness.
Would she dress differently to go out? For company?
What if you made a big deal out of covering any furniture she sat on with a washable cover or refused to eat at the table with her?
Does she have a mental condition that affects other areas of her life?
Since she changes her underwear that is a blessing. I think the fact that she wears the same thing at some point makes the rest of your house dirty. Dead skin etc. I think it probably will have to come down to your house your rules if she is just being stubborn.
But do stop doing whatever you are doing as it doesn’t work.
It’s sad but true that people who take a little care with their appearance are treated better. My sister used to say my mom needed a haircut. I would look at my mom who had beautiful thick white wavy hair and think “ really? Why??” But then when I saw her with the haircut I’d think she looked more rested and like she felt better. I noticed it affected my mood when I was around her.
So I might be thinking that regardless of how dirty her clothes actually are it does affect her care. Good luck and let us know what finally works for you.
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Great idea, Shakingdustoff!!
My brother has 3 sons and he drops all of their play clothes, PJ's and school uniforms off to the laundromat. He does this once a week and only pays $20 bucks each time.

Kathy, you can do this once a month for $20 bucks!
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Hi Kathy, Does she leave the house? If so maybe she'll care if you tell her you can smell an odor coming from her. Show her some dust and tell her it's mostly skin cells. Explain that the cells are also in her clothes and they carry a nasty smell....Good luck, but if she doesn't get it, hit her clothes with some Fabreese, not while she's wearing them. Lol 😉
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