Mom is constantly complaining about constipation. She is supposed to take Metamucil daily and drink 8 glasses of water a day. She doesn't. She constantly complains of stomach pains and worries because her mother died of a perforated bowel subsequent to an impacted bowel. I have tried nagging and she outright refuses till she's in pain. Then once she is in discomfort, she complies however it is too late. Then we have to hear about how uncomfortable she is, all the time. She swears each time (2-3x per week) that she is learning to correct her habits, but she is not; she simply repeats the same cycle to her detriment, my worry, and also my annoyance. There is no reason for her noncompliance besides obstinence.

I cannot be too firm with her or too annoyed because she is hypersensitive and gets very easily offended. Any suggestions?

Probiotics seem to help some of the people some of the time.....

Have you tried Senna?

Does she drink coffee?

Is she able to get a decent amount of exercise?

As what might seem like a completely off the wall idea, is her doc a geriatrics doc? Telling an elderly person to drink 8 glasses of what a day seems a bit off.

It sounds as though this issue is as much about anxiety and worry as it is about the physical issue. Something to keep in mind. For many of my mom's perceived issues (that she was going blind, that her blood pressure was out of control) having an understanding geriatrics doc and getting seen by a geriatric psychiatrist and getting some antidepressants that also had an anti anxiety effect helped better than any med that targeted mom's perceived problems.
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It's somewhat more expensive, but if she's taking Metamucil fiber, she could try the capsules instead of the loose fiber that you mix with water. You still need to drink quite a bit of water with it, but it's not so unpleasant as mixing Metamucil in water, and it's easier. You can get a generic at Walgreen's that's somewhat cheaper, also. Another thing you could do is have her doctor write a paper prescription for Metamucil for her to keep, not to give the pharmacy, since it's not a medication that requires a prescription. That might make it seem more like a required medication for your mother. There are effective prescription medicatins for constipation that are taken like other medications, but they are quite expensive, and would not usually be prescribed before giving fiber a good try.
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Since my Mum's stroke she will only drink chocolate milk. She now gets the chocolate milk AFTER the suppliment drink, fibre & cranberry drinks. I say no work, no payday!

But your Mum sounds higher functioning than mine...

We also call all that other stuff 'medicine'. "Now the DOCTOR says you have to take this medicine drink".
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mikkimball0664 Jun 18, 2019

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