She gets hysterical if mentioned. She has always been self sufficient. Lives alone and though there is 8 of us caring for her, it seems the situation is getting worse each day. This morning she put on the gas fire without lighting it - lucky it was spotted.. Doctors say she has to consent to go to hospital. At the mere mention of hospital she gets hysterical starts hyper-ventilating. She always had a healthy appetite but lately its very hard to get her to eat anything. She is fading away before our eyes and its frustrating that we cannot do anything about it. Any doctor that sees her says she should be in hospital at the least to get her medication sorted but she refuses point blank and as I said gets hysterical - no amount of reasoning will get any positive reaction what so ever. She has hardly ever been in hospital even for child birth most of us were born at home. Lately dementia is setting in big time. She forgets she is at home and asks to be taken home. She talks about neighbours who have passed away and says she hasn't seen them in ages. She can get very agitated and upset. It's Heart breaking

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What a problem!

One night, I asked my father, who was bleeding, if he wanted to just lie there and bleed to death. He said yes. A few hours later he changed his mind and went.

Just to see if it would work, you should tell your mother that she'll be dead in a week if she doesn't go to the hospital. See how she responds. If she's OK with dying so she won't have to go to the hospital, I don't know if you can do anything until she's unconscious!

She sort of has a point. If she survives through going to the hospital, her life will fill up with hospital stays and doctor's appointments and nursing homes. She might be right to prefer to die. Maybe she could go on hospice, and they would help keep her comfortable. I know you love her and want to keep her, but her life isn't going to get any better from here on out.

It is heartbreaking.
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