Do you know how to get a family member eligible or certified to be a patient sitter?


Elderly male with recent stroke, and struggles to maintain glucose levels. Doctor recommended a home health worker to check on him several times a day or possibly a family member that could become his sitter and be paid for it.

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I read the question... you are looking for training?

The local hospital or clinic has a program for patients who are new to insulin use. Open to the public. Go. Learn everything you can about gluclose levels, carb intake insulin calculations. Types and different reasons for different uses of insulin.

There isn't really any certification as such. But, there is a leaning curve involved.

The "paid" part of that is more difficult. Some states have a means for someone to get a small amount of pay for in-home care. This would be only a couple hours a week. But..again...only some states. Nearly everyone who is a caregiver for their family get paid nothing.
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Check with Medicaid if they can help. Some states have programs to train a friend or family member.  Try Office of Aging in ur county.
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