I’m leery to have people come in to our home during Covid 19 but I need help. I’m really starting to wear down. I can’t take care of my mother if I’m not in good shape. How do you find trustworthy help!

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Contact an agency and interview them as to what their protocol is when caregivers enter a clients home.
Temperature should be taken, and if you want to keep a record of it that would be a good thing.
Mask should be worn by BOTH the care giver and your mother. And you if you are in the house within the same room.
The mask should cover both the mouth and the nose.
Many facilities and Hospice staff are not showering patients but giving sponge or bed baths. The reason is the droplet transmission and the warm moist environment of the bathroom. So do not be surprised if they tell you showering her is not possible. (It may be possible that in a home where there is a limited "germ pool" they might shower)
But this is one of what I call "Benefit VS Burden" need help with your mom. You either realize that you will have to allow someone in to help or you do it by yourself and burn out. Or you find a facility that will take mom so they can care for her. There is no "perfect" answer you just do what you have to do.
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