My Mom has a long term care policy that she paid for while she was still working. What do I need to do to get started? I feel that my Mom needs to start having, to some degree, in home help.

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#1 Find the paperwork. If mom won't or can't show you, get someone to take mom on an outing while you look for bills, policies, handbooks, letters. Try her check register--go several months back because many LTC policies require payment only every 3 months. If nothing else works, go on her bank web site and create an online log-in, then look at check history and individual check images.

#2 Call the LTC policy company. Pretend you are mom. Make sure to have her social security number, birth date, address, zip code, phone, and any other identifying info handy. If you don't have the policy number, just pretend you're confused and can't find it. If you were not able to find policy and bill info, ask for a policy handbook to be mailed to mom's address. Ask how much your bill is and when it's due.

#3 While you're on the phone with LTC policy company, ask how much coverage you actually have. How many months / how many dollars total.

#4 If they tell you that you canceled the policy or that you decided to pay less and receive less coverage, ask when you did that. It might not be too late to change back to full coverage.

#5 Ask them to set up an alert for your daughter (you.) Ask them to alert your daughter if you cancel or reduce the policy or forget to pay the bill. Give them your own real phone number for the alerts--not mom's phone number.

#6 If policy was cancelled and can't be reinstated, ask about "contingent nonforfeiture." This is where they offer coverage up to the actual dollar amount that mom paid into the policy over the years--at least it's not a total loss.

#7 Job well done. Sneaking--get used to it. But don't try this with any federal benefits.
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NeedHelpWithMom Nov 2020
Wow! You would make a good spy! Hahaha
You will need to access the policy and read it carefully. Some long term care policies have inclusions and exclusions that are mandatory, and you will need to understand what is included. I am assuming you know where the policy is, and what company it is with, and if it has been kept up to date. If you are thinking this is coming it is a good time to get ALL your paperwork together. Consider an hour of time with an Elder Law Attorney to make certain Mom's will is as she would wish it to be, and that powers of attorney for both health and financial, DPOA are in place, so that you can act for Mom when/if you were required to. Assure your Mom that all of this is done because if there were to be changes of any kind medically it would be too late to address all these things. Even if your Mom has some degree of early dementia she can participate with a Lawyer just so that he examines her to know that she is competent and understands decisions. Wishing you good luck in getting started on this.
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Why don’t you speak to your mom about it? Can’t she show the policy to you? Does she have dementia with her Parkinson’s disease?

I read your profile. I see where your mom has Parkinson’s disease.

I know how challenging it is to care for a parent with Parkinson’s disease. My mom has it too. She lived with me for 15 years.

Best wishes to you and your mom.
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