Mom was moved into memory care facility last year and it has gone downhill fast. New management came in the late summer and tried to cut costs by having less caregivers. Mom's teeth already were bad, but have been getting worse. Old workers who did great job were fired or left. Even the wonderful activities director left. New workers work double shifts, 16 hour days. I liked the place originally because it was kept clean. Now it constantly smells of urine and the heat is turned up so high it smells musty too. The windows can't be opened more than 5-6 inches so there's no circulation of air. She had pneumonia recently and I think the lack of circulation contributed to the extent she became sick. I found another facility in the area, a group home, but there are no openings. Mom has plenty of money to afford a nice 24 hour care group home or place for her to live. How do I find a nice care home or facility for her? Yelp, Facebook, or are there professionals that help families like mine find the best place for mom? Thank you for your help!

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I would find out from the State inspection board if they are hitting their requirements. There has to be a ratio of so many aides to residents. My daughter as an RN was not allowed to work more than 2 -16 hour shifts in a row. I would think that pertains to aides too. I would ask the State to investigate.

Like said u just have to keep looking.
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My brother & toured 15 places before we chose the one(s) we did. Placed my step father and his wife in a glitzy one, our mother in a homey one. They are all happy.

We ate lunch at each place, viewed the room, the common areas, the gardens. We went out to the state site and looked for violations. We then narrowed it down to three and went back again with more questions.

They are not in a group home, they are private pay in an AL facility, they have their own apartments, one is 750 sq ft, the other is 500. Both facilities have a memory care wing, they only difference in the apartments is that there is no kitchen.

Take your time, do your homework. Good Luck!
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