My mother is 77 and for years has struggled with weight, mental health issues, congestive heart failure and many other health problems. Her doctors told us she wouldn’t live more than a few years due to her poor health. She has needed increasing amounts of home care over the past few years which has been very expensive. Last year she moved into an assisted living facility and is getting much better care and her weight issues and many other health concerns have improved remarkably. Her doctors are now saying she may live much longer. She sold her house when she moved into assisted living. I see that the state where we reside has filial responsibility laws which require adult children to pay for the elderly parent’s care. Her assisted living costs are very expensive. How do we plan for the likely event of her running out money while living in assisted living?

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Some states have Medicaid waiver programs for AL. Check into yours. Mine has a few Medicaid specific ALs spots that are state run and far and few between. I was concerned about the same thing. We didn’t expect my mother to outlive her resources but it was starting to become apparent that she was stable and running out of funds was a reality. My mother qualified for LTC so I ended up moving her out of AL and into a nursing home where she will transition into Medicaid once her money runs out. Truthfully with all my mother’s health issues and advancing dementia, she is getting better overall care at the nursing home. It was really more appropriate for her needs. I was advised to move my mother out of AL and into LTC before she ran out of funds. You could also consult with an elder care attorney to discuss options and responsibilities.
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Filial laws are outdated. Some States are revoking them.

My Mom was in an AL and her money was running out. My State Medicaid only allows 90 days from date of application to spenddown, to get info needed to them and get Mom placed. I started the application in April, placed her in LTC in May and she private paid for May and June which spent her money down. June I confirmed that they had all info needed and July 1st Medicaid started.

In my state, if you have paid privately for at least 2 yrs in an AL U can apply for Medicaid.

So, Mom needs to apply for Medicaid before her money runs out. Paying privately for a few months will get herbin the door.

Unless ur very well off, don't think u need to worry about paying for Moms care. Filial laws do take into acct a families ability to pay for a parents care in a facility. And like I said, they are rarely used now we have Medicaid.
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